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Hailing from the Canton region of Southern China, Head Chef Tony began his journey as a Chinese Opera performer. His path eventually lead him to British Columbia, Canada. After immigrating to the city of Vancouver with his family, he quickly adopted Western culture and applied his aptitude to that of the culinary. With an inherent sense for the creative, Tony inevitably brought his influence of discipline and attention to flavor upon his now experienced and lengthy career.

Tony received practical training out of several traditional, modern and Asian-Fusion restaurants throughout Vancouver and Burnaby, BC before running his first successful eatery operation. Employing his knowledge and experience with his business partner and wife, Tony continued his campaign for a second culinary business venture. In 1990, Deer Lake Wonton House opened its doors to the public.

Deer Lake Wonton House continues to serve a wide variety of Asian cuisine to the community. Each bite represents a simple labour of love, dedication and influence of Eastern culture.